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Decisions, decisions!

Normally I am not one to be seduced by the lure of shiny new kit. Let's face it, the major manufacturers change models more often than many people change underwear and for many, new kit becomes nothing more than jewellery. They must have it just because it's the "latest thing".

However, every now and then a new model comes along that really is a game-changer. I felt this when Nikon brought out the D3 model (the first dSLR that was capable of producing very low noise images at high ISOs), and I feel this again with the recently announced Nikon D850.

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Usually, large pixel density has equated to high noise on the resulting image files however here we have a 45 megapixel camera that appears to be able to produce incredibly low noise image files at very high ISO. Add into the mix the capability to do focus stacking 'in camera' is making this particular photographer drool - so much so in fact I have started investigations into how much I can get for my much loved Nikon D750.

I have come close to ordering one over the last couple of days but have hesitated at the last moment, however I feel that my hesitation will soon abate and I will become one of those waiting for the courier to arrive with an exciting looking box in his hands.

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