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At the end of the day

I've been revisiting a few of my older photos, reprocessing the raw files with the latest versions of the RAW converter (in this case, Adobe Lightroom). This is why I and so many other photographers shoot in raw format. You will always extract more image information and have greater flexibility in processing a raw file than you will with a straight JPEG or even a TIFF file (do any cameras still shoot in TIFF?). In addition, as I mentioned previously, as software technology improves, it is highly likely (pretty certain in fact), that you will be able to improve upon the image quality extracted from raw files shot some time ago.

Back to this photograph. This was photographed literally on my doorstep as I lived for a couple of years, in Salford Quays and this scene is the buildings known collectively as Media City, now the home of the BBC and several film and TV companies. I do miss living here as it's a wonderful place for photography.

This was photographed on a Nikon D3S with the wonderful Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 accompanied by a graduated 0.6 Neutral Density filter and a little under exposure

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