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My boy Barney

Self indulgence time.

There are 4 great loves in my life: my wonderful hard working and very patient partner, photography, a nice bottle of wine and my dogs. I am 'Daddy' to three gorgeous Labradoodles - Lily, Barney and their 'puppy', Dolly. I've taken so many photos of them over the last few years which is quite an achievement as they rarely sit still for long.

Yesterday, I received a new Nikon 85mm f/1.8 lens which is great for portraits and many other subjects and that includes dogs! Luckily, Barney has developed a passion for one particular chew toy and he is always bringing it to me so I will throw it for him to chase down and retrieve. I made an agreement with him: I'd play along with him if he'd let me test out my new lens with him as the subject.

As I said at the beginning, self indulgence time as I'm writing all this to justify posting a photo of my lovely boy

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