Cards on the table: I know next to nothing about steam locomotives (other than I know NOT to call them steam trains or else face the wrath of the steam enthusiasts), but undoubtedly there is a fascination about them that draws me back time and time again. I'm not sure if it's the noise, the size, the recreation of a bygone age but whatever it is, there is something truly magnificent and even a little scary, about these magnificent beasts.

My thoughts have been drawn to this subject by a communication from my image library that they have just sold two of my steam locomotive images for a calendar for a very worthwhile price (for a change).They obviously know I'm hankering after a new camera.

For anyone who is interested, my favourite locations for steam locomotive photography are the Llangollen Railway in North Wales, the East Lancs Railway and my all time favourite, the Severn Valley Railway (click on each of the names to go to their website).

I'd recommend going on one of their frequent 'event' days as you are more likely to see a larger number and variety of locomotives, but there will be plenty to see at any time.

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