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Rain doesn't have to stop play.

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You look out of the window and it's pouring down. Very frustrating and particularly so if you're a keen photographer with an itchy shutter finger. Don't despair, there are plenty of options.

One miserable day earlier this year, I couldn't venture out so decided to experiment with some table top photography. I already had a continuous lighting system bought cheaply on a well known auction site but daylight or table lamps works just as well (colour casts are easily corrected).

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For a backdrop I used an old white sheet. My camera was tripod mounted and I used a remote release and mirror lock up to eliminate camera shake as you may experience long shutter speeds.

My subjects were some tulips I had bought a day or two earlier. The beauty of this technique is that you have total control of the situation. You have the luxury of time and can relax and experiment.

Of course taking the photograph is only part of the journey. The bunch of tulips is a 'straight' photograph. The others on this blog post (including the one with the black background) are the results of work in Photoshop.

I really enjoyed myself and was extremely pleased with the result. Why not give it a try next time you are stuck indoors.

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