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The dSLR Oscar Wilde would have bought

When Oscar Wilde famously said "I can resist everything but temptation" it's a safe bet he didn't have the Nikon D810 in mind but I like to think in a different time, he might have done so. A while ago, I had one of these beautiful cameras with its massive 36 megapixel resolution on a full frame sensor but in a rash moment, sold it to finance a Nikon D750 and more glass. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Nikon D750 but I sorely miss the D810 and the ability to crop the image severely and still have a high resolution file at the end of it. With the release of the much admired Nikon D850, I succumbed to the lure of some keen pricing on the D810 and bought anther along with a MB-D12 battery grip and matching Kirk L-Bracket. I find the battery grip balances the camera beautifully and there is nothing to beat the KIRK L-bracket if you regularly use a tripod. Of course it's typical that since it's arrival, the weather in my part of the UK has been appalling so I've not had the opportunity to rekindle my relationship properly but I know it's love 

Blackpool photographer, Blaackpool professional photographer

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