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Come what May

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I never thought I'd be in the position of thanking our beleaguered Prime Minister, Theresa May, for making me some money but that's exactly what's happened, (albeit indirectly). My picture library has reported the sale of this image to a British national newspaper which is obviously very pleasing. Unfortunately as is the custom, it has been reported some weeks after it was actually utilised so I have no idea where or exactly when but hey ho, it's all money.

I have about 10,000 images with my library on a wide range of subjects and sell quite a lot every month that have been used in everything from newspapers and books, to packaging and promotional material. Apart from the obvious financial aspect, I find the thought that your work is considered worthy of buying, very satisfactory. By the way, if anyone has spotted this in print, I'd love to know about it as I do try and keep a 'tearbook' of my sold work.

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